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Trump vs. Kahlo

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: Four
                Short Plays Inspired by the music of The Beatles
  New! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
4 Short Plays Inspired by The Beatles
$10.95  $6.95

What's So Funny? -
                Three Short Stageplays
New!  What's So Funny 'Bout Cancer,
Patricide and Accidental Buddhism?

$10.95  $6.95

Mental Jujitsu - Three
                one-act plays
New!  Mental Jujitsu
Three Short Plays
$10.95  $6.95

Fading - a one-act play by
                Philip Kaplan
  New!  Fading
$10.95  $6.95

Discovery - a one-act play
                by Nancy Gall-Clayton
New!  Discovery
$10.95  $6.95

Become What You Are
                - Two Short Plays
  New!  Become What You Are
$10.95  $6.95

Lamb Shanks - a one act
                play The Case of the Lost
                Lavakian Princess
Buy Therapy
$10.95  $6.95

Buy Lamb Shanks
$10.95  $6.95
Buy Lavakian Princess
$10.95  $6.95
Reveille and Anything Can
3 one act plays by
                Donald Dewey 33 Days: A High School Festival Play by Fraser
Buy These 2 Plays
$10.95  $6.95
Buy This Collection
$10.95  $6.95
Buy 33 Days
$10.95  $6.95

Teachers - a one act play by Lauren Woodbury Ira and Max - a one-act play by Stanley Dyrector Buy Have Some Nuts: Three Short One Act Plays from
                One Act Play Depot
Buy Teachers
$10.95  $6.95
Ira and Max
$10.95  $6.95
Buy Have Some Nuts
$10.95  $6.95
 Three More Marriage Plays: Three short one-act
                plays by Nina Mansfield (nee Waluschka)  #3ShortPlays is three short one act plays by Paul
                Sohar, Mark Rigney and Roy C. Berkowitz
 Mothers and Daughters: Four Short Plays by
                acclaimed playwright Dave Carley
Buy Three More Marriage Plays
$10.95  $6.95

Buy #3ShortPlays
$10.95  $6.95

Buy Mothers and Daughters
$10.95  $6.95
Jack the Ticket Ripper, a one-act play by John
Six one-act plays suitable for performace by high
Soldiering On: Special Edition
Buy Jack the
Ticket Ripper
$10.95  $6.95
Buy Six Complete Comedic
Scripts for Schools
$41.70   $29.99
Buy Soldiering On
A Play About 9/11
$10.95   $6.95
And... Action, a one-act play by Dan Roth
Ripple Effect, a one-act play by Hope McIntyre
Earwig, a one-act play by Fraser MacFarlane
Buy And... Action
$10.95  $6.95

Buy Ripple Effect
$10.95  $6.95

Buy Earwig
$10.95  $6.95

Purgatory Life a one-act play by Adam Harrell Lunch With God - a one-act play
9 Steps from St. Ann Street
Buy Purgatory Life
$10.95  $6.95
Buy Lunch With God
$10.95  $6.95
Buy 9 Steps
$10.95  $6.95

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