Longwood University "0 to 60" Ten-Minute Play Contest Winners

Two collections of three plays each.  The winners of the ten-minute play writing contest held at Longwood University.  Alex Odom, editor.

Volume One

Missed Exit by  Nina Mansfield  A family of five is trapped in a compact car on their way to a wedding. After one too many wrong turns, the GPS comes to life.

Something More Than This  by La'Chris Jordan  A New York Times reporter has been trying for months to get an interview with a reclusive Pulitzer-prize winning novelist. Yet, when the interview is finally granted, the reporter finds out than she had planned.

Not Funny  by Christopher Lockheardt  Laugh and the world laughs with you. Unless you're bleeding on its floor.

Volume Two

Normal is a Country  by Steven Schutzman  Brian's memory, language and sense of identity have all been traumatized and thrown into confusion by a brain injury he suffered as a young soldier in the war in Iraq.  Home now, tying to cope and understand what's happening to him, Brian and his mother Eva struggle over strategies he must take to make himself whole again. 

Beige Tea  by Dusty Wilson  Eighteen year old April Lau returns home after serving three years in a mental institution for the brutal murder of her mother.

Foreplay  by Neil Ferron  Ten-year-old Tabitha plays puppetmaster over her life-sized Skipper and Kevin dolls.  Sex without genitals, Superfly GI Joes, and Hostess Snoballs. 

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Updated November 28, 2014