Longwood University "0 to 60" Ten-Minute Play Contest Winners 2010

Two collections of three plays each.  The winners of the 2010 ten-minute play writing contest held at Longwood University.  Alex Odom, editor.

Volume One

Second Senses  by  Susan Price Monnot  Agent Heath Baretta is questioning Pamela about her involvement in a murder. The victim, Gary Maxwell, is a man she met online in a virtual reality game called Second Senses.  The problem is that Pamela has never met Gary in person.  She has only known him as an avatar named Jared.  In the game, he was her lover.  Now he is dead, and Pamela must prove that she is innocent.

Warriors  by  Renee Calarco  Jackie's having the worst day of her life: her son Brandon has been wounded in Iraq and Brandon's best friend is in love with her.

The Network  by  Nathaniel Kressen  It's an ordinary writing session at the local cafe... until the writer accesses the network.

Volume Two

Next on Rotation  by William Derringer  We have Tiffany, her first day on the job with a major hair stylist chain.  And we have Ray, who is just trying to get a hair cut.  As he enters, it seems he will be next.  But no, Tiffany is just following corporate policy, and Ray has to be put on the rotation list.  As the two of them are getting to know each other better, as Ray has to wait, things do happen.  Can you guess what will happen?

Blood Grass  by  J.Stephen Brantley  When a strange young man with a knife in his gut appears in Mary’s garden on a stormy autumn night, she is forced to confront her past and admit her part in a terrible calamity she’d thought long buried. Sex, murder, the turning of soil.

Text Misdirected  by Nina Mansfield   A woman who is slowly being driven mad by technology encounters a divorce lawyer who is plugged-in, in more ways than one.  One man, one woman, one text message…misdirected.

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