Longwood University "0 to 60" Ten-Minute Play Contest Winners 2011

Two collections of three plays each. 

Volume One

Advice for 56  by  Mark Rigney  A couple are pulled over by a police officer who may or may not be a robot.

He is Gonna See Stars by Lavinia Roberts   A mother and daughter move into a new home.  As the boxes are unpacked, more is revealed about their lives and their startling predicament.

Los Libros Malos (The Bad Books)  by  D. Richard Tucker  Racism meets bureaucracy in a library.

Volume Two

Off Campus  by Russell Weeks   Three young women have left the college dormitory for the freedom of living off campus.  But with freedom come challenges, like a fire drill out the attic window, across the roof top, down the big tree … who will lead the way?  And then there is that spider …

Two-Night Stand  by  Ron Burch   Two-Night Stand is a two character (one male, one female) comedy.  Jenny wakes up in a strange apartment with a guy she doesn't really know, but the guy, Robert, seems to be having the best morning of his life, even though neither of them knows what to do next. 

Wednesday by Bruce Pratt    Greg and Anna discuss resuming intimacy after the birth of their first child.

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