Longwood University "0 to 60" Ten-Minute Play Contest Winners 2012

One collection of four and one collection of three plays.

Volume One

A Few Good PB & Js  by Jeremy Kehoe   Laura Moore has reached the end of her sandwich-making rope.  Fresh off another sub-par sexual session with her softening husband, and facing the prospect of another coupon-clipping, dream-stopping day, Laura's crust-cutting morning routine quickly boils into a cross-examination with her snotty son, Jacob, who thinks he's entitled to some tuna!  Well, Laura knows that deep down in places he doesn't like to talk about in gym class locker rooms Jacob can't handle the tuna!

The Answer by Cary Pepper   In a remote monastery, three monks try to help a young disciple find The Answer.  Will it be found by doing 1,000 deep knee-bends every morning?  Reciting the vanilla tapioca mantra? Meditating with one’s feet in flowing water?  Or does it lie in the most unlikely of places?

The Sum of Your Experience  by  Trace Crawford  While trying to get home one night, a man is robbed at gunpoint by an eerie stranger who demands not money, but instead, his memories. As the man recounts events from his life, he slowly loses his personality and the thief gains it. All of us are, after all, the sum of our experiences.

47 Minutes  by Joshua Michael French   Any normal day, today…let’s say a Tuesday.  A flight attendant gets called into work on her day off, a business man pulls an overnighter to finish his case load, and a paramedic tries effortlessly to get his seat back on the fire truck.  Just a normal Tuesday morning… and then a plane is hijacked.  Just a normal day, with normal lives, and in 47 minutes, everyone’s world will collide. 

Volume Two

Japanese Schoolgirl Night  by James McLindon   Jello shots, heartbreak, and Japanese Schoolgirl Night are all on tap at the local townie bar that lies just outside the gates of the prestigious women’s college.  What could possibly go wrong?

A Simile  by  Robert B. Boulrice   Daddy, a big time editor for a fancy New York magazine, offers a wager to his collegiate daughter and her most creative classmate, in order that they may attain their hip hop dreams as they improve their grammar.

Three Women Laugh (with salads) by Laura Nessler    You've seen their pictures in grocery stores, commercials and billboards. They're the happiest women that seem to be everywhere: all laughing, all eating salads. But what if their eyes could tear away from that fascinating cucumber for a second to examine us? Fantasy and reality collide in the produce section with these pictures' subversive plea for sanity. 

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