Like Yesterday


Awilda Bravo was born in El Barrio, New York.  She was raised by Puerto Rican immigrant parents in the Taft Housing Projects.  She obtained a master's degree in Social Work from The Hunter College School of Social Work in New York City. 

Awilda's professional counseling work has been in the area of women's issues.  Awilda has written extensively on the subject of domestic violence.  Her credits include hundreds of public speaking engagements on the subject of domestic violence and numerous media appearances. 

Awilda's first play, "Life's Rosy", was performed at the Women of Color Arts festival 2001 and at the Riant Theatre in New York City.  "Forget Me Not" made its debut at the Strawberry Arts Festival 2001 at the Riant Theatre in July 2001.  A reading of "Isle of Capri" was produced through the Riant Theatre in November 2002.

In addition to her playwriting skills, Awilda has worked as a director and is always available to her husband, a New York actor, for rehearsal of parts.