Stanley Dyrecter and Ed Asner
Ed Asner, star of the original production of IRA AND MAX (and Senior Kiss)
with playwright STANLEY DYRECTOR


The Other JFK


Ira and Max


Stanley Dyrector was born in Brooklyn, New York. He joined the US Navy and, after serving, moved to Los Angeles, California, to become a movie star.  He studied acting under the GI Bill, where he did plays, and was fortunate enough to get co-starring roles in popular TV shows, including one in which he played opposite Academy Award Winner, Lee Marvin, in an episode of MSquad. Stan acted under the names of Mark Douglas and Marcus Dyrector.  Eventually he decided to use his genuine birth name.  While still a young man, Stanley turned to writing for television and the theatre.  His TV credits include "Wagon Train", "Slattery's People", etc. When he met and married his wife, Joyce, they teamed up and wrote for daytime TV soaps, on ABC. They also wrote hour radio dramas and comedies for Sears Radio Theatre, and Mutual Radio Theatre.  Back in the day, Stan wrote a two-act Vietnam era play called "A Pelican of the Wilderness" which LA TIMES critic John Mahoney called "Outstanding."  His award-winning interview show called  "The Stanley Dyrector Show" can be seen in various locales, and on the Internet.  Stan's book, "Shedding Light on the Hollywood Blacklist: Conversations With Participants" is published by BearManor.  He and his wife Joyce's play  "Marilyn Monroe and Phil" is based upon an amusing true story of Marilyn Monroe. "The Other JFK" is based on a true event in Stanley's life.