Report to the River


Paul Stephen Lim was born of Chinese parents in the Philippines, and emigrated to the United States in 1968 to pursue a career in writing.  Since then, he has written twelve plays, and is also the author of "Some Arrivals, But Mostly Departures" (1982), a collection of his prize-winning short fiction.  "Conpersonas," his first play, won the National Student Playwriting Award in the 1976 American College Theatre Festival, and other plays quickly followed.  "Woeman" (1978) and "Flesh, Flash and Frank Harris" (1980) were both produced Off-Broadway in New York; "Points of Departure" (1978) and "Mother Tongue" (1988) at East West Players in Los Angeles; "Homerica" in Leicester, England. Two shorter plays have been given staged readings, "Figures in Clay" at the 1990 MLA Convention in Chicago, and "Report to the River" at the 1999 Edward Albee Theatre Conference in Alaska, where it won a top prize.  Acting editions of many of these plays are available from Samuel French, and also from Aran Press in Louisville, Kentucky. Lim is a Conger-Gabel Teaching Professor in the English Department at the University of Kansas. He is also the artistic director of  English Alternative Theatre (EAT), a group he founded in 1990 to nurture and promote new plays by his students.  In January of 1996, Lim was awarded a gold medallion from the Kennedy Center for his work with student playwrights.