Mean Molly

An African Folk Tale of the Deep South

by Carolyn Nur Wistrand

Plot Summary:  When Watah Mocasin goes fishing in a slave burial ground, the spirit of Mean Molly, a  young West African woman that died in Massah George’s smokehouse,  is unleashed upon the newly freed men and women in the low country of South Carolina during the first year of Reconstruction.  Guided by the Ijebu warrior, Obonto, the people work collectively to return her trust to the Ancestor House. 

“Mean Molly combines good writing, wonderful characters, conflict, tension, and purpose.  Each character has his or her own voice. The story is fresh and invigorating.  We pay attention to them.  They represent a wonderful cross section of a culture as they move toward their own salvation.” –Leslie Lee, Obie winning, Tony nominated playwright, professor of dramatic writing, NYU & Goddard College, Vermont.

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Updated November 12, 2018