Short Plays

Ten Minute Plays

All of the plays below have an average production time of around ten minutes.  All of our ten-minute plays are packaged in three-play volumes.  For other types of stageplays, click here.

We Appear to Have Company  by Greg Freier  A proper British couple finds an uninvited clown in their living room which leads to international repercussions.

Another Damn Ten-Minute Play  by Adam Harrell   Three theater-goers show up to see a ten-minute play and discuss all the things they hate about ten-minute plays, all of which proceed to happen.

All in the Demographics:  by Jay Rehak An unmarried Presidential candidate, told by his handlers that it would be in his political interest if he were married, is given the quick option of two politically correct fiancés. 

Marinated Steaks and Socks:   by Jay Rehak A husband and wife who cannot seem to communicate with each other, visit a marriage counselor with mixed results. 

Once Upon an F'ing Island:   by Jay Rehak Two people, married, but not to each other, stranded on a deserted island, must decide what to do now that it appears they will not be rescued. 

Incredible Rump:  by Dan Roth  Two car salesmen, Dave and Jim, try to figure out why Dave is not meeting his monthly sales quota.  We learn that the dwindling sales figures are directly attributable to Dave's appearance as an actor in a friend's musical satire INCREDIBLE RUMP.  The play, based on Rumplestilskin, has some dark moments but, as Dave says, "it has a happy ending."

That is What I Did  by Pamela Reeves   An odd encounter in a psychiatrist's waiting room escalates into a major incident.

Incident at Intake:  by Lewis Gardner  Social worker Wilma interviews a burnout addict, Rossetti, who long ago was a boyfriend of hers. He treated her badly and now he doesn't even recognize her. Instead of helping him, she drags him further into despair and breakdown. At the last minute she relents and pulls strings to get him into a rehab program.

Santa Tells a Story:  by Tami Canaday  This comedy involves a garrulous, repetitive Santa Claus and a hapless man, Rob, who becomes Santa's captive audience.  The piece is set in a Laundromat, but for poor Rob, it might as well be Hell. 

A Pill By Any Other Name is the Wrong Dosage  by Jeff Folschinsky A man comes home to find that his wife is missing, his father is acting strangely, and he has gained a son while he was gone. The person that said "Coming home is always an adventure," was probably from this family.

Louisville Swingers   by Alex Odom   A separated couple struggling with relationship issues go on vacation and unknowingly end up in a swingers' bar. After a swinging patron approaches them for a "swap," they become more determined to make their relationship work. 

Such Good Neighbors  by Susan Middaugh  A noisy argument next door keeps Mavis and Walter awake.  It also leads to an unexpected revelation.

Batteries  by Donald Dewey  A black comedy about the unpredictable impulses that draw people together and drive them apart while traveling on the subway through the caverns of New York City. 

No Title Yet   by Adam Harrell  Holden is a playwright with a case of writer's block.  Matt attempts to help him, but it is soon discovered that their collaboration exists only to break down.

Abraham on the Mount   (The Week Before)  by Ian August  It is the week prior to the Biblical story of Abraham and his son Isaac, and old Abraham travels to the top of the mountain to sacrifice a goat for the glory of the Lord.  Unfortunately, no one bothered to mention this to the goat!  Practically a cartoon, Abraham on the Mount is a wonderfully silly piece that combines slapstick, Borscht-belt humor and quickfire repartee that promises to keep audiences laughing!

God Dog  by Ed Vela   J. Paxton Cass is a failed screenwriter wishing to end it all by diving off the roof of his high rise, suburban Los Angeles apartment building.  Looking over the edge while writing a last missive, full of desperation and self pity, he is beset by Roscoe, a talking dog who thinks hes full of something else, and Nigel, a kid from the apartment building who happens to be the biggest fan of the screenplays that Cass keeps throwing away.

Real Beatlemaniacs by Leslie Bramm   A "boy meets his girlfriend's sister" story. The one he could have fallen in love with. Maybe the one he should have. They share a moment in the music and a bond they cannot pursue. She is the one he has to let get away.

Liver for Dinner by Tami Canaday   A comedy that satirizes a couple in the kitchen who use liver and onions as a flirtatious marital glue, while they attempt to keep the dinner menu a secret from the curious Cousin Samatha.  The play demonstrates the impact of how something is said.

Big Wow by Dan Roth   A father and his fourteen year old son are forced to confront and deal with life and their own relationship after they survive a major earthquake. 

Don't Touch Anything  by Jay Rehak  A new employee is given one task: to avoid doing anything that "smacks of initiative".

Waiting for the Delivery  by Jay Rehak  Seemingly oblivious to a war that rages around them, two men anxiously await a one hour, money back guaranteed pizza delivery. 

'Til Death Do Us Part   by Jay Rehak  A dying husband offers his young wife 3 strange pieces of "critical" information. 

No Longer a Maiden  by Tami Canaday   A young woman visits the all-seeing and all-knowing Madam Saboon for advice on finding the perfect serving dish for her spicy ground beef. This dark comedy twists and upends the typical psychic and customer encounter.

Naughty Cats   by Polychronis Koutsakis  A lost cat provokes an interesting conversation between a man and a woman.

The Periodontal Blues  by John Morogiello  What is the meaning of existence?  Could it be as simple as flossing daily? 

Beach Party Redux  by Christine Emmert  Three friends meet several years after a blowout party in the Hampton's.  As they talk they find that they are just now learning what really happened that night that led them on their paths in life.  Why they are here to celebrate the reunion, and no other members of the party came. 

Touch Me   by Herman Poppe  A lyrical play about the way we can be affected by opening ourselves up to the unexpected. 

Out of the Mouths   by Pamela Reeves  Neurotic suburban housewife Monica and her adventurous sister Liz never did have much in common, and the death of their mother is doing nothing to change that. 

Speed Mates  by Erin Marie Chancer   Lloyd decides to try speed dating in a desperate attempt to find his soul mate.  Mayhem ensues.

Driver's Test   by Mark Witteveen   A shy young man gets prodded into life by his visiting grandfather. 

He Shoots... He Scores  by Dan Roth   This sensitive, powerful drama brings together two strangers, from diverse backgrounds, at a high school basketball game,  where one seeks redemption from the other. 

Cat and God  by Ian Fraser   A funny, quirky, ideas-filled play, which perhaps is just a story about two dogs, an angry cat, and the end of human civilization. But it could also be the final part of a epic space opera, showing the sadly comical end of a badly reincarnated astronaut. 

Kodak Moments  by Adam Harrell  An estranged son attempts to connect with his father, whose idea of therapy is taking him out to a strip bar.



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