The Rose Garden

Turning to the Camera


Simon Jackson was born in Manchester, England. He worked as an itinerant musician, journalist and teacher in Eastern Europe, North Africa and South America, where he was head of Drama at Newton College, Lima, Peru. He now lives with his wife in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Reflections of Moonlight won the British Gas Young Playwright Award, Frankenstein, the Monster's Story toured Europe as a pyrotechnic musical, Lift, won Understanding Magazine's Edinburgh Fringe Best New Play, Beginning of a Great Adventure won the audience award at the 2009 Cambridge Fringe Festival, and Shooting at the Balcony is currently in production for BBC Radio 4.

He wrote a series of training films for Reuters Press Agency, a set of radio plays to aid learning English for the French Ministry of Education and has just finished a feature length screenplay, Diabolus ex Machina. None of this has ever made him enough money to live on.

His poetry and short stories have won awards and appeared in anthologies and magazines in Britain and overseas in English and translation. He also writes music and scored the soundtrack to last year's Christmas cinema release Santa's Disasters.