Touching Home: 

Three Short Plays

Beach Party Redux by Christine Emmert

Three friends meet several years after a blowout party in the Hampton's.  As they talk they find that they are just now learning what really happened that night that led them on their paths in life.  Why they are here to celebrate the reunion, and no other members of the party came. 

Touch Me  by Herman Poppe

A lyrical play about the way we can be affected by opening ourselves up to the unexpected.

Out of the Mouths by Pamela Reeves

Neurotic suburban housewife Monica and her adventurous sister Liz never did have much in common, and the death of their mother is doing nothing to change that. Returning home with June after picking her up at the airport for the funeral, Monica's expecting tea to be made and the table set, but that's too much to expect from their younger brother, Nicholas, and June quickly pitches in to appease Monica's anger.

Just as the sisters seem on the verge of connecting, enter Kenneth, Monica's hale and hearty husband, with a box of old photos, and it's left to Nicholas to ask the one astonishing question that gives the play its name.

35 pages
Paper version only
Catalog Number #OAPD063

ISBN number 1-894910-63-X
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Price $6.95

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Updated December 19, 2016