A Goat Ate My Bible

Three Short Plays of Animals, Men and Gods

Abraham on the Mount 
(The Week Before)
by Ian August

It is the week prior to the Biblical story of Abraham and his son Isaac, and old Abraham travels to the top of the mountain to sacrifice a goat for the glory of the Lord.  Unfortunately, no one bothered to mention this to the goat!  Practically a cartoon, Abraham on the Mount is a wonderfully silly piece that combines slapstick, Borscht-belt humor and quickfire repartee that promises to keep audiences laughing!

God Dog
by Ed Vela

J. Paxton Cass is a failed screenwriter wishing to end it all by diving off the roof of his high rise, suburban Los Angeles apartment building.  Looking over the edge while writing a last missive, full of desperation and self pity, he is beset by Roscoe, a talking dog who thinks hes full of something else, and Nigel, a kid from the apartment building who happens to be the biggest fan of the screenplays that Cass keeps throwing away.

Cat and God
by Ian Fraser

A funny, quirky, ideas-filled play, which perhaps is just a story about two dogs, an angry cat, and the end of human civilization. But it could also be the final part of a epic space opera, showing the sadly comical end of a badly reincarnated astronaut.

 50 pages
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