A Pill By Any Other Name is the Wrong Dosage

The Unsinkable Bismarck

Kisses From Abroad

Rendezvous and Reservations

Jeff Folschinsky Jeff Folschinsky, who is originally from Houston, Texas, now resides in Los Angeles, California. His plays have been seen at various theaters across the country. He is also creator and staff writer for Perilous and The Trials and Tribulations of Vicky Vixen, two serial soap opera spoofs playing in Hollywood, California.  Jeff has written and produced the popular audio and video podcasts The Other World News, Virgin Falls, Pasiones Obsesionantes, The B-Movie Bastards and Cult Movie Cuisine. He has also co-written the movie Revenge of the Bimbot Zombie Killers. Jeff would like to thank all the people that encourage the insanity. God bless you, everyone.