Voluntary Madness: Four Short Plays

by Dan Roth

An inquisitive young woman meets and interrogates an older woman she looked up on the internet.  She not only gets the answers to her questions, but soon learns the meaning of the phrase, "Be careful what you wish for."

Aqua Vitae
by N.N. Rakshin

A bright young man discovers a cure for drunkenness, much to the consternation of those around him.

Kisses from Abroad
by Jeff Folschinsky

A father and son end up in a European jail discussing their past and the absurd turn of events that led them to their current predicament. 

by Julian Mesri

This Scandinavian Dread-Play asks us whether the great, depressing misery found in plays such as those of Ibsen, Bergman and Chekhov, were put there, not because of some overriding philosophical angst, but because everyone was freezing and had colds. In doing so, the play distills all the existential pathos and condenses it into a short, intense bit of theatre. It's tragedy-concentrate (no water added), and its results are quite hilarious. 

 52 pages
Paper Version only
Catalog Number #091

ISBN number 978-1-894910-91-0
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