Forty Million Daggers

Aspects of Perplexity Caused by the Wind
by Joe Fisher

It was the funniest Civil War decision she would ever have to make, and everyone prayed she wouldn't blow it or everything would be gone. 

It Looks Like a Sheep
by R.L. Galley

People can look at a cloud and percieve different things. The same can be said of sanity; it is a perception. A tale of intrigue.

Western Mentality
by Robert Caisley

An Arab-American telecommunications executive takes the wrong exit off the freeway and crosses paths with a belligerent drunk who looks like he just stepped off the movie set of a Classic Hollywood Western.  The showdown that ensues depicts the self-destructive "Western mentality" that now separates us ideologically from the Arab-Muslim world.

 49 pages Paper version only
Catalog Number #090
ISBN number 978-1-894910-90-3
List Price $10.95
Price $7.00

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Updated December 15, 2016