Aqua Vitae

N.N. Rakshin I dont think any writer knows what to say about himself.  A writer's life is among paper islands in an ink sea. I began writing my first book in 1989 when I was twenty-five years old. I have now been writing books, screenplays and plays for twenty years.  I daresay, the best of my books is the "Manifest of Decemberism" (it's my quixotism, a battle with the evil devil Kremlin). I daresay my best screenplay is the "Resurrected" (it's about the possibility of the resurrection of people and animals). I'm currently writing a full-length play about Freddie Mercury, but I like this play, "Aqua Vitae". It's not as sad as the last years of Freddie's life. I smile when I think of "Aqua Vitae".  Little fish are sweet.