Incredible Rump

Hitler Was a Housepainter

Big Wow

Exit Right

And... Action

He Shoots, He Scores

The Scrapbook

China Cup

Dan Roth, Actor/Playwright, was born in Flint Michigan.  He attended Los Angeles City College and Columbia College of Los Angeles.  Working primarily as an Actor in stage, film and television he also has been employed as a cab driver, carpet cleaner, car salesman, customer service rep, messenger, military policeman, ad salesman, store detective, director of a stop-smoking center, bible salesman, bell hop, desk clerk, fund raiser and telemarketer.  His plays, Boulevard, Cab Rap, Incredible Rump, Painting Ira, The Pixley Caper, Scotch Rocks and Smilin' Jack have been performed all across the United States and Canada. He resides in North Hollywood, Ca. with his son Kevin and is a member of SAG, AFTRA, AEA and The Dramatist Guild of America, Inc.