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Have Some
                          Nuts: A collection of 3 one-act plays by
                          Stanley Dyrector, Dan Roth and Donald Dewey

Have Some Nuts!!!

The Other JFK

by Stanley Dyrector

Based on a true incident.  1972, in Hollywood, California.  Stan and Vaughn bump into each other. Vaughn is hippie-looking. Stan has shorter hair. They know each other from the place where Lana Turner was discovered. At Vaughn's pad they drink Ripple, smoke grass, get high, laugh and joke, bitch about how screwed up things are in showbiz, the Vietnam war. Vaughn used to be a big name, a star, back in the 60's,  on records, TV, appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show. Stan is a disillusioned actor, but has had bites of the apple.  He gets paranoid, expects cops to barge in and arrest them.  Vaughn is amused, gently calms him, has him walk the room. Stan has always been puzzled by Vaughn's disappearance from the limelight and practically begs him to do his famous John F. Kennedy impersonation. He gets a taste.   



by Dan Roth

Plot Summary:  A battered wife and a young widower meet and bond at a neighborhood yard sale.



by Donald Dewey

Plot Summary:  Channel-surfing as an art-form.  Love and the philosophy of common sense intertwine in front of a television screen.




















37 pages

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ISBN number 978-1-926849-20-1
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