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12 Plays Suitable
                          for Performance by High School Students

Twelve Plays Suitable for Performance by High Schools

 Combines the Comedy and Drama Packages

 33 Days

by Fraser MacFarlane

Cast: 3 males, 4 females

A play about homeless teens that uses slang and foreign words as a substitute for the earthy language of the street. An innovative, honest script with strong characters.  Written for high school students, but never condescending, 33 DAYS usually clocks in at just under one hour.

Like Yesterday 

by Awilda Bravo

Cast:  1 male, 1 female

Plot Summary:  Husband and wife holocaust survivors deal with the husband having Alzheimerís disease.   Although the husbandís  present memory is shattered, past memories are still alive.


No Epilogue

by Nina Waluschka

Cast:  1 male, 1 female

Plot Summary:  Mike, a struggling poet and cab driver, and Steph, the girl who loves him,debate the causes of a mysterious suicide early one morning on the Brooklyn Bridge.  We soon learn that Mike hasn't written anything in months, but this suicide seems to inspire him.  Was Mike somehow at fault for the stranger's fate?  And how far will Steph go to inspire him again? 


by Hope McIntyre

Cast:  3 females

Plot Summary:  Three women are brought together on a convict ship traveling to the New World.  After great hardship,  only one finds a new life at the end of the journey.  This piece uses movement, slides and a unique theatrical structure in order to examine parts of the past that are not taught in history classes.

The Crown Prince of Perfect

by J. Boyer

Cast:  Up to 6 males, 8 females

Plot Summary:  Brian Colby and his wife Sarah are in counselling as the play begins, and it's not going well.  Of course, neither has their marriage.  That's why they're in counselling with Dr. Castle, to help them get through the last of the time they'll be spending together. The doctor means to take them through various stages of their relationship, hoping to show them something positive amidst all their turmoil, but as Brian and Sarah see scenes from their marriage acted out on the other side of the stage, it only serves to underscore all their fears and animosities. As Brian tells his version of events, then Sarah tells hers, they seem to have spent their marriage worlds apart. Whatever made them think this marriage could work to begin with?  Have they lived together all these years without so much as one perfect moment?  And if there were such a moment, if such a moment exists for any husband and wife, where would it be?  What would it teach us, if only we could find it?

Ripple Effect

by Hope McIntyre

Large cast play, written for performance in high schools

Plot Summary:  A high school janitor discovers a poem outlining a desire to seek revenge on the school.  The audience then takes a journey with the janitor as she attempts to discover which teenager may be the ticking time bomb.  Ripple Effect explores the link between violence on a personal level with larger, more global violence. 

A Stone Face Killer

by Alex Odom

Cast: 3 males, 2 females

Plot Summary:  Everyone knows Detective Stoneface is the infamous "Rock Face Killer" but he can't seem to get caught, and it's driving him crazy. In this detective farce, Stoneface leaves a trail of evidence that his partner, Wadsworth, can't seem to follow. 

Will Anyone Come to Our Party? 

by R.L. Galley

Cast:  2 males, 4 females

Plot Summary:  An eccentric couple advertise for party guests.  A collector for charity, an opinion pollster, a  university academic and an escaped prisoner arrive, but it's not all coincidental. Bizarre deaths, mayhem and misunderstanding ensue.


Roof-Top Reverie

by Seymour M. Rosen

Cast:  3 males, 1 female

Plot Summary:  Two older people having a picnic on a roof-top encounter a young man attempting to commit suicide. They find his poetry depressing. 


Werewolf in Town

 by Lewis Gardner

Cast:  Four or more

Plot Summary: An updated version of the classroom classic.  In this fast-moving comedy, life in a small town is too difficult for Tommy, a teenage werewolf, so he leaves for another state. At his new job he meets Mary, who has her own interesting secret.

The Little Farmer

Adapted from the story by The Brothers Grimm

by John Morogiello

Cast:  Four males, one female

Plot Summary:  A darkly funny and overtly theatrical fairy tale adapted from the Brothers Grimm story of the same name.  A diminutive, but clever farmer seeks revenge on the townspeople who mock him.

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