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#3ShortPlays - three one act plays

9 Steps From                              St. Ann Street
9 Steps From St. Ann Street

33 Days - A                              High School Festival Play
33 Days: A High School Festival Play

The                              Accommodation - a one-act play by Paul                              Cohen
The Accomodation

Ah, Here Comes                                Godot Now - Three one-act plays
Ah, Here Comes Godot Now

À La King by                                A. Zell Williams
A La King

Alien                              Encounters
Alien Encounters

And...                                Action - a one-act play by Dan Roth
And... Action

Are They                              All Like That?
Are They All Like That?

Arranged Marriage
Arranged Marriage

  Axing the Axels
Axing the Axels

The                                Basement Company
The Basement Company

Become What You Are
Become What You Are

Bed - a one-act play by Paul                                Richards

Bogey by                              Polychronis Koutsakis

The Book, The                              Initial Interview and City Lights
The Book +

The                                Cabaret Voltaire
The Cabaret Voltaire

The Case of the Lost Lavakian                                Princess
The Case of the Lost Lavakian Princess



Child's                                Play
Child's Play

The College Plays
The College Plays

A                                Conscious Effort

A Conscious Effort

Crash Bound

Crown Prince of Perfect

Cruel -                                three ten minute plays


Deserts - a                              one-act play


Différence                              - a one-act play

Discovery by                              Nancy Gall-Clayton

Doomswitch                              - a one-act play

  Earwig - a                              one-act play by Fraser MacFarlane

Empty Stages

  Exit Right
Exit Right

Fading by Philip Kaplan

The Final                                Hour
The Final Hour

Fishing for Frank
Fishing for Frank

Five New                                York Biker Chics, Out of Control
Biker Chics

Flower Song Symposium

For                                Some Reason Comma She Laughed
For Some Reason...

Forty Million Daggers

Forward Motion Matters by Bash                                Halow
Forward Motion Matters

  Frank's Aim is True
Frank's Aim is True

Gals and Goddesses
Gals and Goddesses

A Goat Ate My Bible

Ghost Trains

Grand                                Delusion - a one-act play
Grand Delusion

Grist for the Mill

Best of OAPD Volume One

Heavenly                                Inspiration and Pitch Me
Heavenly Inspiration

Hell is Other People

Hitler Was a                                House Painter by Dan Roth
Hitler Was a House Painter

Hot Dog Water

Ida B. Wells
Ida B. 'n the Lynching Tree

I'm                                a Little Woodchuck by Karl Rahder
I'm a Little Woodchuck


Imp of the Perverse

  In a Vacuum
In a Vacuum

Inspector Rex

Best of OAPD Volume One

Jack the Ticket Ripper - a one-act                                play by John Morogiello
Jack the Ticket Ripper

Jump Around a Lot

Lamb                              Shanks - a one act play
Lamb Shanks

Larry's Resolution

Left Cold

  Lenin (Only One)                              by Polychronis Koutsakis
Lenin (Only One)

Let it                              Stand by Pamela Reeves
Let It Stand

Like Yesterday

The Little Farmer

Little Guise

Lolly and Life                                on Mars - Two one-act plays

Lolly and Life on Mars

  Lunch With God
Lunch With God

Mean Molly

  Memories Are Made of This by Donald                              Dewey
Memories Are...

Mental                                Jujitsu
Mental Jujitsu

  Moments With Millie by Daniel                              Lillford
Moments With Millie

More Little Guise


Mothers and Daughters - four                                one-act plays by Dave Carley
Mothers and Daughters

  FRIEDRICH                                NIETZSCHE -
"Neitzsche" Ate Here

  No Epilogue                              by Nina Waluschka
No Epilogue

Neuron Down

The Octopus Ride

On Temporary Loan

Poaching Deer...

The                                Project by Donald Dewey
The Project

The                              Pull of the Moon
The Pull of the Moon

Purgatory Life
Purgatory Life


Report to the River

Reveille and Anything Can Happen


Ripple Effect


Roller Coasting With Fabio
Roller Coasting With Fabio

Roof-Top                                Reverie by Seymour Rosen

The Rose                              Garden - A one-act play by Simon Jackson
The Rose Garden

Say When

Say When

Second                                Coming by Carolyn Nur Wistrand
Second Coming

Simply Selma

Soldiering On

Soldiering On by Pamela Reeves
Soldiering On: Special Edition

Sparrow - a

A Stone Face Killer

The Stooge                                and The Jurors by Donald Dewey
The Stooge +

  Suicide                              Gal... by J. Boyer
Suicide Gal...

Teachers -                                a one act play by Garry Williams


Therapy by Lauren Woodbury

This Was Easier Last Year
This Was Easier Last Year

  Three More Marriage Plays by Nina                              Mansfield
Three More Marriage Plays

  Time Went By,                              But Slowly by J. Boyer
Time Went By, But Slowly

Touching Home

Triple A-Side

Trump vs. Kahlo
Trump vs. Kahlo

Turning to the Camera - a one-act                                  play
Turning to the Camera

The Unsinkable Bismarck
The Unsinkable Bismarck

Voluntary Madness

Vultures by Christine Emmert

Werewolf in Town - A one-act play                                  for school children
Werewolf in Town

What's So                              Funny...?
What's So Funny...?

Wheels of Justice - a one-act                                  play
Wheels of Justice

Will                                  Anyone Come to Our Party?
Will Anyone Come...?

Winner on the Dark Side

With Arms Outstretched
With Arms Outstretched

Wollicott's Traveling Rabbit's Foot                                Minstrels

Yeah,                                Yeah, Yeah!
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah